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FPV RC Rover Project Updates

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MAKEathon Robot Render

Rover Project Updates



Quick update on the FPV RC Rover that I helped to make at the 2015 OSU MAKEathon a couple weeks back, there’s now an instructable and a project poster! I also cleaned up the 3D model a little bit for the instructable. A couple pretty renderings of the cleaned up model can be seen right above and at the end of this post.

While at the event, we were told that our project could qualify for a couple instructables contests, so we thought it’d be a great idea to do a write up and enter those contests! The link to the instructable is here: . Go check it out! And if you like it, vote for us in the contests that it is in.

Aside from that, one of my Mechanical Engineering professors saw me at the MAKEathon and requested that I bring the robot to the design showcase that the Mechanical Engineering department was putting on that week. To that end, I put together a quick poster illustrating our project and giving some basic information about it. The best part is probably the timeline. It gives a fairly accurate depiction of how much time it took for each step of the process. At the showcase event, there were plenty of interested passerby who wanted to give the robot a whirl. It was awesome seeing everyone enjoy our work!



First Person View, Remote Controlled Rover Poster 30x40




More Renders

MAKEathon Robot Explosion Render

MAKEathon Robot Render underside

Camera Gimbal Render 2

Camera Gimbal Explosion Render


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