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My name is Nate Duxbury and I am a recent graduate from The Ohio State University where I studied mechanical engineering. I am very interested in 3D modeling, design, and computer controlled machinery. I am learning as much as I can about this stuff, and I very much enjoy playing around with these awesome toys! I spend most of my weekends tinkering with one machine or another or designing my next project.

I currently work as a Mechanical Engineer designing CNC water jet machines and related automation systems for WARDJet, near Akron, Ohio.


Before I purchased my first 3D printer, all of the maker type experience I got was from my dad. Growing up, we did a lot of household projects ourselves, so I got experience working with my hands. My dad provided a good environment for making things, a good half of our basement was a wood shop, which provided plenty of tools to make use of. The first things I really made myself were in late high school when I got into making pneumatic potato guns. They were a TON of fun to shoot and super easy to make.

Once I got to college, there wasn’t much space for tools in a dorm room (though I did have a dremel with me…). At this point I got really into solid modeling, because I could layout my designs digitally and get a good idea of what everything would look like when I did have time to work on things.

While in college, I also had the opportunity to Intern and Co-op. Opportunities at Irock Crushers and Hendrickson International gave me lots of practical experience using 3D modeling in the workplace. Another nice side effect of these Internships was that I could afford to buy my 3D printer(s) and CNC!

Everything with CNC’s and 3D printers I’ve stumbled my way through mostly on my own (of course with considerable help from various reprap sites and the shapeoko forums).


SolidWorks is usually my go to tool for designing anything and everything, but Inkscape is also a great vector manipulation program. I have a SolidWorks Professional Certification, and also have a decent amount of experience using ProE Creo 2.0 solid modeling. I also have a little experience using Autodesk Inventor.

For those interested, my CNC tool chain is as follows:

SolidWorks (or inkscape) for design -> Export design as .DXF -> Open .DXF in EstlCAM -> Assign milling operations ->Export g code-> Universal GCode Sender -> grbl .9g on my shapeoko 2

And my 3D printing tool chain:

SolidWorks for design -> Export as .STL -> Slic3r to generate gcode -> Pronterface host software ->Marlin software for 3D printers


Here are my designs hosted on Thingiverse:

Here are my designs hosted on GrabCAD:


I do happen to be a Mechanical Engineer… Check out my linkedin:


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  2. I just stumbled on your blog today and I like your work! I was about to comment on how well documented your table project is but then I noticed that the same could be said for all your other projects too!
    Just a suggestion but you should put some of these on Doing so has become an excellent source for generating traffic to my own engineering blog:
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey, thanks for the kind words! Your content looks great too. Writing more instructables is definitely on my list of things do to, but I don’t always dedicate enough time to doing write-ups of my projects as it is! (too many other projects I want to work on!)

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